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Hänsel und Gretel

"Shining at the center of this Union Avenue Production are Emma Sorenson as Hänsel and Julie Tabash Kelsheimer as Gretel. What a marvelous pair! Both have remarkably clear, strong and pure voices. Miss Kelsheimer's small frame conceals an amazing vocal power."

—Steve Callahan,  KDHX

"Mezzo-soprano Emma Sorenson and Julie Tabash Kelsheimer were perfectly cast in the title roles... Tabash Kelsheimer has a lovely sound and good technique."
—Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post Dispatch
The Pirates of Penzance
(Gilbert & Sullivan)

Mabel, The Pirates of Penzance. photo: Diana Linder

Julie Tabash Kelsheimer as Mabel casually tosses off wonderful coloratura passages as if trills are no problem for any bel canto feminist… Somehow Frederic and Mabel are equally busy but land every note to perfection. This is impressive singing.”
—Dominique Paul Noth, Urban Milwaukee
"Julie Tabash Kelsheimer's Mabel is kind, feisty, and sung with a gorgeous sound and tremendous facility."
—Elaine Schmidt, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
“Mabel’s showcase tune, “Poor Wand’ring One” is absolutely not-to-be missed.”
—Anne Siegel,
The Grapes of Wrath
(Ricky Ian Gordon)

"Other standouts in the huge cast were Julie Tabash as Rosasharn, Tom's pregnant teenaged sister, whose act of selfless compassion ends the opera on an upbeat note."

—John von Rhein,  Chicago Tribune

"Julie Tabash imbued the pregnant Rosasharn with strong singing and emotional gravitas."
—Seth Arkin,
"The eldest daughter, Liesl, was handled smartly by the delightful up-and-comer Julie Tabash, who sang supporting roles in Central City's two other summer productions."
—Marc Shulgold, OPERANEWS
Liesl Pelham Pierce

Liesl, The Sound of Music. photo: Pelham Pierce

"First act highlights include Tabash's bravura performance of "Sing But Don't Tell," a Sam Carner and Derek Gregor performance piece in which the soprano, in unrequited love with her pianist, makes the performance at hand her case in point.”
—John Schneider, Express
“Tabash brought the audience to tears with "I Won't Mind" by Annie Kessler and Libby Saines in which she convincingly played a childless aunt devoted to her sister's children; if they see her as their mother, she won't mind”
—John Schneider, Express
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